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If you have a tip or trick that you use or do that deals with coin and/or varieties and your would like it to be posted here. Please contact the club founder at or Thank you.


When removing surface dirt with acetone, dab the coin with pure acetone and a paper-stick q-tip...don't rub the coin...the loosened dirt on the q-tip can scratch the coin if you scrub it.

Submitted by dblddies

A simple balance scale can be made from a pencil and a popcicle stick. This is surprisingly accurate in determining the difference between zinc and copper 1982 Lincoln Cents.

Submitted by maaswhole

On the 1918 D Buffalo Nickels, look for the half inner circle of the loops in the top and bottom of the 8 to find the 1918/7 D overdate.

Submitted by Overdate

Look for varieties at flea markets, antique stores and jewlery stores that sell coins on the side.

Submitted by Overdate

Cherrypicking is FUN!!!

Submitted by Overdate


Use a soggy wet toothpick to clean dirt from around mint marks and date numbers to look for overdates and repunched mint marks on circulated coins.

Submitted by dblddies

When taking pictures of coins, use a small table lamp with an adjustable or flexible neck to turn and angle the lighting.

Submitted by Overdate