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Welcome to the club's webring and Link page. Please feel free to add your website or your favorite website to the web ring or the Club Members Links section.

Check out the great Links listed below.

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Club Members Links


Coin Sites


American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association - a nonprofit, educational organization chartered by Congress - is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community.


Combined Organizations of Numismatic and Error Collectors of America

Coin World

On-line Magazine with current news, reading room, forum etc.

Coin Link

Link site to auctions, organizations, dealers, resources etc.


Contains a cybrary, auction, newsletter, chat etc.


Thanks for everything Ted and Brad. You guys are the best.

Eagle Eye Rare Coins

Great high grade and rare indian head cents. Also includes a price guide.


Selling PCGS and NCG certified coins

Jon's Toned Coins

View some toned coins from his collection

Larry Briggs Rare Coins

Searchable inventory database, great coins


Certified coin services, gallery


Rare Coin auctions and sales

US Cents

Photo album, chat room, articles, grading guide, auction

Bust Coin Information Pages

Information regarding all bust coinage, buy and sell, also a forum.

Collectors Corner

Informs about different ways of coin collecting, types of coins, mintmarks etc.

Monster Coin

Numismatic search engine

Coin City

Lists dealers, auctions, coin shows, supplies, grading etc.

Coin Mall

Dealer listing, classified ad's, contest, want ad's

Brooklyn Gallery

The one place for all stamp collecting and coin collecting products. Coin and stamp holders, coin and stamp albums and coin and stamp catalogs

The US Mint

Information about the US Mint, mint programs and product catalog.

Confederate Collectors Page

Confederate currency, coins, stamps, bonds and flags

US Treasury

About the US Treasury, educational links, sales and auctions, business opportunities, current headlines etc.

The MegaPenny Project

Visualizing huge numbers can be very difficult. People regularly talk about millions of miles, billions of bytes, or trillions of dollars, yet it's still hard to grasp just how much a "billion" really is. The MegaPenny Project aims to help by taking one small everyday item, the U.S. penny, and building on that to answer the question: "What would a billion (or a trillion) pennies look like?"


The purpose of this site is to offer a map to information,
to provide a way to find information regarding coins, exonumia and currency.

Coin Variety/Error Sites


A dealer buying and selling all U.S. Coins, Die varieties and Mint Errors. Fine list of inventory and also has a message board.




Dealer in US mint errors, US Gold coin and World coins

Error Collect

Buy and sell error coins

Ken Potter's Variety Vault

Great site with pictures. Lots to buy here including coin dies.

Lindsay's Barber Dime Error and Variety Page

Year by year date with pics of varieties and errors.

Rotated Die Coin Census

Rotated coin die census with photo album, pic from his personal collection etc.

Washing ton Quarter Double Dies

Listing of double die quarters for 1932-1989.

Washington Quarter RPM's

Coin Reference

Bob's Coin Educational and Image Page

US and World coin and error image pages, tokens etc.

Internet Encylopedia and Price Guide of US Coins

Great site with info on ALL coins, history of the mint, how to grade coins etc.

Rarity Scales-Graphical

A graphical look at the "rarity" listings for several different authors of specilized books.


Price guides, message boards, coin guide, shows etc.

U.S. Coin Quantities Minted

Get the quantities of US coin mintages

A Comprehensive Web Encylopedia of U.S. Copper Coinage

Another great site dealing with US copper coins. Includes grading guide, date guide, minting process, history, design. Lots of info here.

Counterfeit Colonial Coins

Pictures with descriptions of counterfeit colonial coins.

The Full Horn Buffalo Nickel

Grading Buffalo nickels, errors, HOBO's, price guide, etc.

Military Payment Certificates Pages

All military payment certificates identified with pics and info on each kind


Reference site to everything from education material to mints, museums, cretification services etc.

US Pattern Coins

Information on US Pattern coins

The Coin Library

Collection of essays and articles on coins


Coin variety photos, dealer listings, classified ads, etc

Stanton Books and Supplies

Purchase specialized coin books and supplies. Also coin photography is offered by J.T. Stanton.

Virtual Coin and Token Library

Information on US coins, tokens, "novelty coins", and coin trivia

Mintage Figures for Circulation Coins

Mintage figures for US Coins 1793-1839, 1/2 cents-$10 gold

The Coins of Colonial and Early America

Great site with lots of info on ALL colonial and Early American coins.

Federal Reserve Entrance

Information about the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve System

Coin Prices


Good site to check what kinds of varieties sold for what. Searchable databse, search by VAM, FS, Breen etc


Prices for all US coins, updated daily

Varieties for Sale

If you don't buy his, you can price others

Indian Head Cent Values

From Eagle Eye Rare Coins Website

Mikes Mailbag

Listing of error coins and varieties for sale. Also usefull for pricing info

Currency Universe

On-line price guide, message board etc.


Price guide for US Coins

Worth Guide

Do you need a value for something? Get it here. Also includes values for things other than coins.